We are committed to providing you with professional Wireless Sound&Flash Alarm Siren solutions! Guided by the international and domestic markets, we will continue to develop and expand the scale of the company, improve the quality of Wireless Sound&Flash Alarm Siren,sound alarm,alarm siren,siren products, and establish a complete quality assurance system and production management system. We insist that the quality standard of each product must be higher than the industry level to ensure that the product reaches a unified standard and quality.


Wireless SoundFlash Alarm Siren

Wireless Sound&Flash Alarm Siren

Model: SR100


Product Features

1.Sound&flash alarm for 100dB.
2.Low voltage monitoring and indication function.
3.Periodically sends online reports to the gateway.
4.Anti-tamper design.
5.Wireless transmission,easy to install.
6.ABS material housing,radiation-resistant and heat-resistant.

Power-On and External Power Supply

1.First time power on, LED is on for 3 s.
2.When battery power,press the OFF/ON button for more than 3s to turn OFF/ON.
3.Network setting/exitsetting:press both volume+ and volume- at the same time for more than 5s.

Basic Functions

1.Network setting:press the volume+ and volume- buttons at the same time,
the red light will be on for 5s.Release the button to set network,LED flashes
for network setting.LED is always on for 3s then off.If failed,the LED will be
off directly.
2.Volume adjustment:When the siren alarms,press the volume+ and - to
3.Anti-tamper switch.When siren is removed,siren will alarm.To cancel the
alarm,please press anti-tamper switch for 3 times,or operate on App.
4.LED Indicator
Power on/off:LED is on for 3s,buzzer beeps twice.
Low voltage:LED flashes every 20s.
Network setting:LED flashes.
Power off:Buzzer beeps once.
Network timeout:LED changes from flash to off.
Network setting success:LED is on for 3s econds ando ff

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